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committee leadership

Network Finance Committee

  • Joanne Holland, Chief Financial Officer, Access (Committee Co-Chair)

  • Mark Lundvall, Chief Financial Officer, CHS (Committee Co-Chair)

  • Brian Ahlgren, Chief Financial Officer, NorthLakes

  • Candice Cole, Chief Financial Officer, Progressive

  • Matt Gehri, Chief Financial Officer, Partnership

  • Sheryl Robinson, Chief Financial Officer, Scenic Bluffs

  • Marty Schaller, Chief Financial & Operating Officer, Lakeshore

Joint Network Clinical/Operations Committee

  • Allison Kos, Chief Medical Officer, Progressive (Clinical Committee Chair)

  • Jason Akl (Operations Committee Chair),

  • Elizabeth Bade, Chief Medical Officer, Scenic Bluffs Community Health Center

  • Sarah Butzin, Provider Support Services Manager, Family Health/La Clinica

  • Deb Dryer, Chief Medical Officer, NorthLakes

  • Dan Martin, Director of Quality, Access 

  • Barb Mlsna, Health Information Manager, Scenic Bluffs

  • Lori Mueller, Chief Operating Officer, Partnership

  • Kristin Sterns, Chief Executive Officer, Lakeshore

  • Deven Stevens, Operations Coordinator, Partnership Community Health Center

  • Laura Waldvogel, Chief Executive Officer, Family Health/La Clinica

  • Lexi Whiteley, Population Health Management Specialist, Partnership Community Health Center

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