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Committee Leadership

Network Finance Committee

  • Brian Ahlgren, Chief Financial Officer, NorthLakes (Chair)

  • Joanne Holland, Chief Financial Officer, Access 

  • Tenisha Grimmer, Senior Director of Business Services, Access

  • Caryn Davis, Director of Finance, Community Health Systems 

  • Matt Gehri, Chief Financial Officer, Scenic Bluffs 

  • Caleb Jansema, Chief Financial Officer, Lakeshore

  • Tom Kaminski, Chief Financial Officer, Family Health La Clinica


Joint Network Clinical/Operations Committee

  • Judy Keel, Director of Grants and Projects, Operations Co-Chair, Access

  • Brenda Georgenson, Director of Quality Improvement, Lakeshore Clinical Co-Chair

  • Brooklyn Trumpy, Community Health Systems

  • Brittany Goodrich-Braun, Medical Director, Partnership

  • Diane Oppeneer, Chief Clinical Officer, Lakeshore

  • Deb Dryer, Chief Medical Officer, NorthLakes

  • Tracy Schwartz, Senior Clinical INformation Services Consultant, Access

  • Shannon Ripp, Senior Clinical Services Consultant, Access

  • Kim Spurgeon, Director of Quality and Compliance, Family Health La Clinica

  • Jason Akl, Chief Operating Officer, NorthLakes 

  • Jenny Nottestad, Patient Care Manager, Scenic Bluffs

  • Jenna Denor, Prevention Care Coordination Specialist, Lakeshore

  • Michele Schmitt, Chief Operating Officer, Lakeshore 

  • Annie Fridh, Chief Operations Officer, Community Health Systems

  • Ana Tochterman, Director of Clinical Integration, NorthLakes Community Clinic

  • Amanda  Acosta, Senior Director of Patient Services, Access

  • Elissa Sprecher, Program Specialist, Access

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